Regional Database Application

Ecosystem and Biodiversity

Biodiversity of Nepal The HKH region is highly heterogeneous with wide range of habitats, varied micro-climates, and ecological conditions resulting in to rich biodiversity. It is home to some of the world’s most threatened and endemic species. Please click here to find Interactive mapping application on Biodiversity of Nepal and landscape-level conservation initiatives in the HKH region.

Disaster and Natural Hazard

isaster and Natural Hazard ICIMOD is partnering with key international agencies and programmes to work together on international charter – "Space for major disasters" for disaster response with satellite based data and information.Please click here to find Interactive mapping application on Active fire monitoring and Google Earth layers of Inventory of glaciers and glacier lakes.

Socio-economic and Livelihood

Socio-economic and Livelihood This demonstrate the usefulness of GIS and RS technology through a number of application case studies in to support planning and decision making for the improvement of socio-economic and livelihood conditions. The studies include at multiple spatial scales and cover a number of themes related socio-economic and development indicators of Nepal, linguistic database of the HKH region.

Water & Cryosphere

BWater & Cryosphere The 8-day enhanced snow cover maps of entire HKH region and all 10 major rivers basins are vital information that will go long way in bridging the data gap. An interactive cryosphere database application is to offer a single gateway to these data and information. This particular database application focuses on the spatial visualization and geo-statistical surface analysis of snow-cover mapping of the HKH region which includes 10 major basins and 92 sub-basins

Other Database Application:

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